Only 8 days until the end of the most disliked month of the year! It’s been said plenty of times that January is definitely the most depressing month.  The weather is cold and grey, everyone struggles more than usual to get out of bed and go to work, our belts are a little tighter and we all suffer the consequences of our overspending throughout the Christmas period!

But on the bright side, spring is slowly but surely creeping around the corner and we at Western Industrial are here to help you beat those January blues!

January is also home to ‘Blue Monday’, coming around every third Monday in January (or the second or the fourth), it sneaks up on us every year, also known as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)’.

Ways to defeat the January Blues:

A tidy workspace means a tidy mind, there’s nothing worse than trying to settle back into work with a messy and unorganised working environment. A handy way to keep your day to day activities planned and organised effectively could be by using a Wall Planner, this way you wouldn’t get confused and muddled over the unorganised Post-It notes all over the desk!

Another useful thing to do could be to invest in some new Office Furniture, like Filing Cabinets or Storage Trolley’s. This way you can find documents and paperwork quicker and easier, with the peace of mind that you now know where everything is!

In many workspaces Cable Management can always be an issue. Not only can it be stressful to look at the untidiness, but it is a major safety hazard as they can easily be tripped over in a fast moving workspace.

Don’t run the risk of a workplace accident when you can effortlessly fit Outdoor and Indoor Cable Tidies for any company or business.

Beat those January Blues, and tidy up your workplace! A tidy workplace means a tidy mind. Here at the Western Industrial Products, we want to help you with all things Industrial. Visit us at to view our wide range of Wall Planners, Office Furniture and our health and safety assured Cable Protectors.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage