Security in the workplace is very important, with statistics showing that 38% of security breaches are internal. Simple human error and lack of security knowledge are often the causes of cyber security breaches in the office.

In today’s news, the National Crime Agency has released a two week warning for UK businesses and computer users to protect themselves against powerful and malicious software. These malware are known as, GOZeuS and CryptoLocker, and it is said that more than 15,000 UK computers are already infected, with many more at risk.

How to reduce the risk of your computer being infected:

  1. Strengthen your passwords – passwords should contain a mixture of symbols, and upper and lowercase letters.
  2. Back up your files – make sure all of your files, photos and documents are backed up and available in case you’re no longer able to access them.
  3. Install updates and antivirus software – this is a must. This will help protect your computer against all kinds of viruses, worms, trojan horses and malicious malware.
  4. Shop online safely – if you have a PayPal account, or any stored card details on your computer, consider changing your passwords.
  5. Do not open an attachment unless you are aware of the source / sender – these malware viruses are contained within the email attachments, and once clicked they will be activated. If you think you’ve clicked on an unreliable source, tell your IT department immediately.

Read the main article on the National Crime Agency website for more advice and tips on how to stay safe and malware free!
To find out more information on the imminent attack read the BBC news article titled ‘How to defend yourself against the ‘two-week attack’.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage