Spill Pallets should be a necessity when working in close contact with hazardous fluids. There are many different types, but generally their purpose is to catch the leaks and spills of hazardous fluid containers upon them.

Some potentially hazardous common workplaces substances include battery acid, engine oil, fuels, paints and chemicals. These products should be labelled as hazardous to alert the user to handle with care! You can never predict an accident, and when using hazardous substance containers, as with any container, it is crucial to be well prepared if a spillage should occur.

Having absorbent materials on hand is always important, this way you’ll be able to respond quickly in any incident involving hazardous fluids such as oil or other chemical. A handy absorbent material to have near any hazardous fluids is the ‘Absorbent Sock’, which can be purchased separately should you need them for oil or chemical spillages. These absorbent socks boast a capacity of 4.5 Litres each, a high retention value, and only leak very few drips when picking up a ‘sock’ that is full – so gloves are always recommended!

[pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion1″ number=”1″ heading=”The most popular Spill Pallets include:” open=”no”] Eco Spill Pallets –

  1. Complete product performance testing
  2. Exceeds everyday working environments
  3. Meets oil storage regulations
  4. Robust and corrosion free
  5. 5 year guarantee against failure due to manufacturing defects

Drum Spill Pallets –

  1. Weatherproof yellow polyethylene
  2. Non-skid removable grates
  3. Built to last
  4. Forklift compatible

Eco Black Spill Pallets –

  1. Constructed using up to 100% recycled polyethylene
  2. Economical alternative
  3. Removable grate for easy cleaning and sump access
  4. Helps in achieving Carbon Reduction commitments [/pl_accordioncontent]


A simple and effective way to save time and money required to counteract unwanted spillages – and they last ages! For more information on how to stay safe against hazardous fluids, have a look at COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).

So, don’t take the risk and cost implications of not using spill pallets, it’s just not worth it!  Our partner company, Western Industrial Products, currently have some great deals on Spill Pallets available here!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage