Mezzanine Floor Related Questions

We will handle the compliance of all the Mezzanines we install and accept full responsibility for this. Our on site team will make sure that thorough checks are carried out and everything is approved during the installation.
Unless prohibited by a condition attached to a previous consent the answer is no as long as the changes are internal. The Government has, however, been trying to control the expansion of retail floor space in out-of-town developments and has brought in legislation requiring planning permission for floors above 200m². It is permitted, however, to add several floors, each just below the 200m² limit without requiring planning consent!

Suspended Ceiling Related Questions

There is much speculation as to how high or low a suspended ceiling can be. We like to work no smaller than 100mm to retain at least some of the heat properties obtained from having the suspended ceiling.
Of course. A ceiling void allows any moisture laden air out and prevents it from condensing out on external cold surfaces. As a result, this removes the risk of any damage to suspended ceiling and surrounding structures.

Electrical Related Questions

For Commercial installations, the IEE guidelines state they should be checked every 5 years, and every 10 years for Domestic establishments.  That being said, certain industrial businesses and Caravan parks require more frequent 1-3 yearly checks. We will provide this service.
The initial assessment carried out should be used as an overall appliance safety guide. Very high risk equipment should be checked far more frequently than lower risk equipment, but this is normally only valid in workshops where machinery is present.  Other than any known mechanical damage sustained from staff members, 12-24 month assessments are perfectly fine for the majority of appliances.

Plumbing Related Questions

All the new water boilers we supply today are very eco friendly already, and have many capabilities to help save you from overheating water on your premises. A major benefit would be a boiler without a tank, providing instant hot water when you need it, instead of having to wait for a tank to heat up. This is of course the most environmentally friendly option!

Any boilers fitted by ourselves will be thoroughly checked and the service history will be kept on top of to ensure it runs smoothly and operates at optimum efficiency.

 It depends on where the water is sourced and supplied from as to whether regulations are required by law or not, but we will know and ensure these are met.

Two exceptions would be if the source of the water is from a well or bore hole, where no regulations are required. We would still ensure that we meet regulations however to ensure proper plumbing practice.

Project Management Related Questions

Yes. All our staff and contractors are vetted and we accept full responsibility for their actions. We ensure they are insured and regularly trained in heath and safety practices. 
In a word, no. We manage the whole process from start to finish to make sure you feel confident and relaxed about the project. We design in house and go through the procedure thoroughly with you first, and see the whole project through until we are sweeping up at the end. We are here every step of the way to answer any questions and maintain constant communication.

Partitioning Related Questions

We would need to assess your premises in order to ensure measurements are correct.  We can then order the systems to arrive and sometimes the glass measurements will be taken once the frames are installed so they fit snugly.
Both of these attributes vary depending on the needs of the building, and we would avoid cross walls if sound was an issue. Glass and framed partitions if installed correctly will block significant noise, and heat retention abilities combined with decent suspended ceilings are very impressive. The results obtained for any acoustic ratings of partitioning systems should be reduced by 10% to allow for them being tested in labs as opposed to your particular premises.

Storage Related Questions

All mobile storage options can be relocated should you wish to upgrade in the future or repurpose an existing install.
The storage systems we used are built to last. The bearings are securely sealed and the running gear is of a very high quality. A very small few clients require us to come and check the structural integrity every 5-10 years, but to date have yet to come across any structural safety issues.

Air Services Related Questions

There are a few reasons why this might be the case, some more serious than others. Check first to see if you have accidentally set the control unit to Fan only – this is quite a common cause. If this is not the case, then please check your operating instructions to see if there’s another reason. If you have explored both of these options, then we would recommend that you to give us a call to arrange for one of service engineers to come out and visit you.
Firstly, check to see if you have accidently changed the settings on the control unit. It may have been reduced by another colleague. If this is not the case, then the most common cause is a clogged filter. We can set up a maintenance contract for you to ensure that your filter is cleaned and/or changed on a regular basis to ensure a steady air-flow for your unit.

Maintenance Related Questions

We offer a range of maintenance contracts for your business, from servicing a boiler or air conditioning unit, through to PAT Testing of your electrical devices and Energy Efficiency assessments.
Most likely. We would first need to inspect the equipment in situ and make an assessment first, before committing to a maintenance program. Please contact us to arrange for a site visit to assess your requirements.

Business Interior Related Questions

We have a huge array of options regarding equipment that we can supply and quote great prices for. Please ask us and we can supply a full catalogue of available options.