Typically, workshops are anything but clean and tidy! And more often than not, your workshop can end up looking tired and neglected.


Does this workshop look familiar?

Workshops come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few necessities that all workshops should have in order to be a productive workspace.

  1. Lockers – to ensure your workshop is kept tidy and organised, and adds additional security
  2. Workbenches and Stools – giving you a comfortable and compact work area
  3. Wall storage – for smaller items, like screws and small tools making sure they don’t get misplaced
  4. Anti-Fatigue matting – giving you more comfort when you’ve been on your feet all day
  5. Racking and Shelving – a heavy duty option to tidying away and organising your heavier items
  6. First aid kits – every workspace, by law, should have a first aid kit specific to their requirements.

With some workshop necessities and TLC, your workshop could look like this again!

When a workshop has these few essentials, it should make your life a lot easier! If you think your workshop could do with sprucing up, Western Industrial Products have all of the fundamentals, and more!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage