The need to ensure and enhance employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore. If you run a business you’ll want to lean away from doing the mundane and routine when you can. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter factors that may weaken employee motivation and dampen productivity.

Get rid of motivation killers
Firstly you will need to look for and identify motivation killers in the workplace. A good manager will find ways to carefully observe the work environment in search of problem areas that affect employee motivation. The most common motivation killers include unfriendly people, abrasive personalities, lack of organisation, absence of opportunities for personal development and feeling unappreciated.

Motivate through reward
Unmotivated employees get bored especially when they are dealing with mundane routines. Likewise, employees who lack motivation may not have the enthusiasm to complete challenging tasks. However, offering a reward like a cash prize, being awarded employee of the month, or even treating your staff to a meal out after work can improve motivation dramatically as they’ll feel their efforts have been recognised.

Set clear goals and provide feedback
Employees will be more motivated if they know what they are expected to achieve. Clearly stating personal and company goals provides guidance for everyone. Short-term goals, in particular, are effective in encouraging employees to properly manage their speed in doing tasks to meet targets.

Creating and maintaining a comfortable working environment
Getting up early for work each morning can be difficult at the best of times for some people, but employees are going to be far less motivated to come to work if their workspace is outdated and in need of a revamp. Small changes like new desk chairs, updating their filing systems or even improving the security to make everyone feel relaxed in their environment.

There are many more ways to improve productivity at work, but motivation, appreciation and a suitable workspace is definitely a good place to start. If you feel like your work environment could do with a shakeup, we want to help! Visit us at to view our wide range of Office Furniture, Security and Warehouse equipment.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage