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    We offer Mezzanine Floors for all situations.

    Western Industrial Business Interiors is one of Cardiff’s leading mezzanine floor providers. We have been in the industry for over 25 years, in which we have been a core supplier of both single and multi-tier mezzanine floors.

    Over the years, we have become highly regarded by our clients in Cardiff, thanks to our experience and expert personnel that provide high-quality mezzanine floor services.

    For those who do not know what a mezzanine floor is, it’s a raised steel structure installed to provide more flexibility and storage or office space. Therefore, you can increase the usable capacity of your premises. In short, a mezzanine floor helps create more room to work, especially if you have a tall building with unused headroom. It is a cost-effective method of utilising more of your building without having to relocate or extend the building.

    We pride ourselves on supplying and installing small, medium and large mezzanine floors in Cardiff. We design and build mezzanines for storage, office, retail, warehouse, industrial and production. Western Industrial is a leading supplier of mezzanine floors in the UK, and we have a highly skilled team who can take care of every aspect of the build, from concept to completion.

    We also offer an internal fit-out service that includes suspended ceilings, racking and shelving, office partitioning, flooring, and mechanical and electrical works. Additionally, we supply a plethora of mezzanine floor ancillaries such as handrails, staircases, floor edge protection, fire protection, decking and column guards.

    One other major benefit of installing mezzanine floors is that they are freestanding, and you can easily take them down if need be. Mezzanine floors are a very popular solution for business expansion, especially in the retail sector, because they help maximise the available space. As a result, you can increase your businesses footprint and that is why many business owners prefer a mezzanine floor because it’s a cost-effective solution.

    Note that all our floors and raised storage platforms meet all the building regulations in Cardiff and the UK. For more information or assistance, you can call us on 01364 651860. You can talk with one of our specialists, who will gladly guide you through the process. So, if you have a project for us, contact us today and leave the rest to us!

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    Do you have a project for us?

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