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    We offer Mezzanine Floors for all situations.

    Western industrial are located in Ashburton in Devon and have supplied and installed many mezzanines floors to customers all around Devon and the surrounding areas. The types of mezzanine floors we can supply and install include Office Mezzanine Floors Devon, Storage Mezzanine Floors Devon, Production Mezzanine Floors Devon, Retail Mezzanine floors Devon, Office Mezzanine Floors Devon and Industrial Mezzanine Floors Devon.

    Western Industrial Devon have supplied and installed numerous small and large Mezzanine floors and raised storage platforms to all types of industry sectors throughout Devon and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years and have many content and happy clients.

    Mezzanine floors are raised freestanding platforms separate from the main structures of the building. They are the most efficient and cost-effective way to create extra space for your business by creating additional floor space above and below for your building. A mezzanine floor can add many benefits including adding extra storage space, extra office space, extra warehouse space, personal storage space, production facilities, archive storage space and much more.

    Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Western Industrial Devon provide a free of charge initial site survey along with a free of charge design service. We can also offer bespoke designs and will work closely with you to obtain the best solution for your business environment and needs.

    All of our Mezzanine Floors adhere to strict Building Regulations Approval. From the very first stage of initial costings through to the final structural design. Western Industrial Devon will work closely with you until you are completely satisfied with all aspects of the project. Our in-house structural engineers will also assist in obtaining approvals on your behalf at no extra cost.  A Buildings Regulations application is applied for via one of our approved inspectors. Approval is usually gained within 4 weeks. The appropriate fire protection will also be applied to your mezzanine floor.

    Planning permission is not usually needed for the installation of a mezzanine floor.

    We can also supply and install many mezzanine floor ancillaries including handrailing,  staircases, balustrading, landings, column guards, pallet and loading gates to customers in Devon and the surrounding areas.

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