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    We offer Mezzanine Floors for all situations.

    Western Industrial Business Interiors are a quality-oriented mezzanine floor supplier based in the Southwest of England. We have been designing and installing mezzanine floors for clients in Milton Keynes for over 25 years. Our focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction and creative solutions to meet your needs.

    We build many different types of mezzanine floors including floors for offices, storage, production, retail and industrial.

    A mezzanine floor is an elevated steel construction that offers flexibility and expanded capacity and storage. They are cost effective, and they make use of existing headroom in your building. The result is an elevated storage or office platform that enables you to utilise your existing buildings footprint without extending or relocating your business.

    Mezzanine floor installations in Milton Keynes are perfect for developing more offices, conference rooms, board rooms, meeting rooms and additional working space.

    Western Industrial Business Interiors can also offer a wide selection of mezzanine flooring to fit your bespoke design. We also supply and fit various mezzanine floor ancillaries such as fire rating, pallet gates, hand railing and staircases.

    We work closely with our clients from the first stages of design, through to sourcing and fitting. Western Industrial provides free initial site survey and design service that ensures we meet all your mezzanine floor requirements.

    Western Industrial aims to offer every customer a variety of choice and control over the selection of services and products available. Our project managers take responsibility to ensure the smooth operation of the installation and prevent any complications our clients might encounter.

    Our main aim is to ensure satisfaction with every aspect of a mezzanine installation. All our Mezzanine Floors are engineered, designed and developed by experts and we adhere to current local authority regulations and fire safety.

    Our professional and friendly team at Western Industrial will walk you through all phases to guarantee the best solution for your building expansion needs.

    For further details and to discuss a mezzanine floor for your business, get in touch with our customer support team on 01364 651860.

    For help with a Mezzanine Floor, call us on

    01364 651860

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