Strapping has increased in popularity over many other packaging options in the last few years. This is mainly due to its performance advantages and cost saving benefits in comparison to other packaging products. Strapping is used in a variety of different industries, generally being used to secure loads for distribution.

Strapping is perfect for heavy duty loads, because of its retained tension qualities and it has been manufactured to cope with the toughest of industry tolerances.

How to use Polypropylene Strapping –

  1. Pull the polypropylene around the object you’re packaging and feed one loose end of the strapping into the feeder wheels of the strapping tool.
  2. Feed the other end of the polypropylene through the strapping tools cutting wheel.
  3. Alternate pulling and pushing the tensioning handle to apply tension to the strapping.
  4. Slide a crimping sleeve onto the tense strapping, secure the sleeve by slipping the crimping tool over the sleeve and pushing the tools handles together.
  5. Squeeze the tensioning and the base handle together to cut the strapping.

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Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage