Do you have a troublesome employee, always turning up late for work with extravagant excuses? You’re not alone. One study found that an average of 590,000 workers in the UK show up late every day, costing the economy £9billion a year! Not only is that a lot of wasted money… Lateness can also cause a lot of hardship and bad feeling in the workplace.

There are different ways to try and get your employees into work on time. The easiest and most common way is a ‘signing in’ sheet, located at the foyer of your building for employees to sign in, with the date and time, allowing you to see who’s in the building and if anyone is late (It’s also good for fire safety!). This method does have a downside though – your employees could easily forget or lie about what time they arrived!

There is a fail-safe method available though…

Clocking in machines –

These machines are becoming increasingly popular, because not only do they work out working hours and overtime hours for you, they automatically back up their data. So if there’s a power cut you won’t lose any information! Situated at either the entrance or a central point in your premises, your staff can clock in with either an individual code or badge.[pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion1″ number=”1″ heading=”Here are some funny excuses that employees have used for being late to work!” open=”no”]

  1. “My cat had the hiccups.”
  2. “I thought I had won the lottery.”
  3.  “My angry roommate cut the cord to his phone charger, so it didn’t charge and my alarm didn’t go off.”
  4. “I believe my commute time should count toward my work hours.”
  5. “A fox stole my car keys.”
  6. “My leg was trapped between the train carriage and the platform.”
  7. “I wasn’t late because I had no intention of getting to work before 9:00 a.m.” (His start time was 8:00 a.m.)
  8. “I was late because of a job interview with another firm.”
  9. “While rowing across the river to work, I got lost in the fog.”
  10. “Someone stole all my daffodils.”
  11. “I had to go audition for X Factor.”
  12. “My ex-husband stole my car so I couldn’t drive to work.”
  13. “My route to work was shut down by the Prime Minister motorcade.”
  14. “I have transient amnesia and couldn’t remember my job.”
  15. “I was indicted for securities fraud this morning.”
  16. “The line was too long at Starbucks.”
  17. “I was trying to get my gun back from the police.”
  18. “I didn’t have money for fuel because all of the pawn shops were closed.”
  19. “My train went to the wrong station so I shall be late in the office.”
  20. “The train in front of my one has caught fire.”
  21. “I am stuck on an immobile train somewhere between Greenwich and London Bridge, with Mary.” What made this last one particularly enjoyable was the unnecessary embellishment, which undermined the tale as Mary was in the office at the time.
  22. “I was interrogated by armed police while I was having a pee against the wall of the American embassy. As a result I got home so late that I slept right through the alarm.”
  23. “I played at Old Trafford last night and was so tired I did not hear the alarm this morning.”
  24. “I went to a Turkish take-away the previous night but it turned out to be more of a bring back.”
  25. “I was at a conference at the Institute of Fiscal Studies and the nibbles upset my tummy so I slept very badly and still feel pretty ropey.”
  26. “There is a 24-hour ‘flu going around which made me ill for three days.”
  27. “The toothache was so terrible when I woke up that I went straight to the dentist and then I could not speak to let you know I was in too much pain to come in.”
  28. “A man is coming to hang some pictures.”
  29. “The handbrake snapped as I was taking the children to school and I am now waiting for the AA.”
  30. “My mortgage broker has just paid an unexpected call.”
  31. “I have to take the guinea pigs to the kennels because we are going to Japan at the weekend.”
  32. “I wanted to phone to say I was held up but I was waiting for the telephone repairs people.”
  33. “The washing machine overflowed and leaked into the flat below where it caused a short-circuit which produced a small fire but the firemen broke into the wrong flat which started the burglar alarm and when the police came to check they thought I was a burglar and have only just let me out of custody.”
  34. “My heat was shut off so I had to stay home to keep my snake warm.”
  35. “My husband thinks it’s funny to hide my car keys before he goes to work.”
  36. “I walked into a spider web on the way out the door and couldn’t find the spider, so I had to go inside and shower again. “
  37. “I got locked in my car boot by my son.”
  38. “My left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns to get to work.”
  39. “A gurney fell out of an ambulance and delayed the traffic.”
  40. “I was attacked by an animal and had to stop by the hospital to make sure it wasn’t rabid.”
  41. “I feel like I’m in everyone’s way if I show up on time.”
  42. “My father didn’t wake me up.”
  43. “My dog bit my bike tire and made it flat.”
  44. “My driveway washed away in the rain last night.”
  45. “I had to go to bingo.”
  46. “My dog ate my bus pass.”
  47. “Saw a homeless person on the way to work and felt sorry for him so went to Johnny’s cafe to buy him breakfast.”
  48. “Could not come in as I had overdosed on Viagra and the results were outstanding but embarrassing!”
  49. “My neighbour said if he saw me come out of the house he’d kill me.”
  50. “I got stuck on level 2 of Angry Birds.

Luckily, we’re here to help!  Western Industrial Products clocking-in machine will help put a stop to late employees in your workplace, once and for all!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage