The Health and Safety Executive released an article today about a man who was left seriously injured after falling more than four metres from a ladder, while installing audio visual equipment at a North Yorkshire school. He suffered fractures to his legs and arms, which then led to requiring reconstructive surgery. After investigation it was found that if a proper assessment had been carried out, the risks would have been recognised and more suitable equipment would have been used, like a tower scaffold or elevated working platform.

Falling from height remains one of the biggest causes of major injury or death in the workplace. Here are some tips to help you stay safe: –

  1. Try to prevent working at height – using extendable tools or installing cables at ground level.
  2. If possible, use a place of work that is already safe, for example – a concrete flat roof or guarded mezzanine floor. If this isn’t practical, then you should look into hiring an elevated work platform or a tower scaffold.
  3. Try and minimise the distance of a possible fall, by installing soft landing systems or an industrial rope. This just enforces personal protection, so if a fall does occur then the worker will be as safe as possible.
  4. For a low risk task, Stepladders and Platform Ladders are a practical option.
  5. When using Stepladders and Platform Ladders, as an added precaution, you could use non slip mats to make sure that when someone was using the ladder, it would reduce the risk of the ladder slipping and ending in a fatal fall.

It is crucial that employers properly assess any job, and supply the correct equipment. To make sure you keep your colleagues and employees safe at work, have a look at Western Industrials range of safety equipment.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage