As a 21st century business, your social media presence should no longer be seen as optional.  Todays successful businesses are utilising social media and integrating it into their marketing strategies.  Whilst setting up, you must first understand your target audience and create a draw – why have they or should they follow you? What are your unique selling points and how you could put these together to form strong content created for your followers/links/members, etc.

Brand Publicity
First of all, if social media does nothing else it provides brand exposure.  It is putting your name out there in front todays hip and trendy audience you so desire (I know, I hear myself – but sadly it’s the truth).  The bigger your online presence becomes, down to the relevance of what you share, the more you will be seen out there.  Your logo, name, contact details, description, etc. are out on show for all to see by your followers.  Your links can spread within the hour and potentially reach a worldwide audience of connected followers and links – try obtaining that exposure 10 years ago without a hefty budget set aside!

Stepping Stone to Your Site
Being active on your social media and linking back to your website will drive more and more traffic to your site, and the more traffic you have, the more of a chance you have of selling your products or services.  You can actively tweet or write Facebook articles linking back to your site, increasing your traffic and improving your Google ranking. But, crucially, it’s all down to what you share and how you go about it – your strategy.  This needs to be unique and different as todays audience is so used to a media overload that peaking excitement is certainly a challenge!.

Improving Customer Service
Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming the first point of call for most distressed customers to vent on.  If they have any questions related to their experience they will more than likely go to social media before picking up the phone.  An advantage of this is the opportunity it presents to portray good customer service/feedback if you quickly and assertively answer their questions for the world to see.  As well as this, other customers may have their issues solved by seeing these top responses on your social media. This paints a strong positive brand image of you too.

As well as this, the majority of your competitors are more than likely on social media themselves, which could give them the edge against you.

For help and advice on these topics, take a look at as their article on Social Media marketing is extremely helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

Both Western Industrial Products and Western Industrial Business Interiors have begun to grow their own social presence for the industrial sector in order to try and utilise these techniques.  To check out our social media pages for some idea of the things we’re talking about, please visit our Western Industrial Products Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn page – or take a look at our Western Industrial Business Interiors Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage