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Air services for domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

We provide a comprehensive range of air services, including Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Air Management and Ventilation, using high quality reliable equipment. From Cold Rooms and Remote Monitoring, through to Extraction, Ductwork and Odour Control Systems, we have fitted them all and many others besides.

Our Engineers are well equipped to deal with domestic, commercial, retail, leisure, attraction, office, or industrial installations. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a vast range of Air Services to an expansive client base. Whether large or small – we have a system suitable for your requirements.

We can also provide you with a 24-hour Emergency Call Out service if your business requires it, providing you with complete peace of mind. With our complete design, supply and install service, we’re sure to have a solution to suit your needs. Below you will see a sample of what we can do.

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Frequently asked questions

Can Air Conditioning be used for heating?

Yes, Air Conditioning is an efficient way of heating office and homes all year round

What types of Air Conditioning unit are available?

There are many different types of Air Conditioning Units around which are mainly Recessed Ceiling Cassettes, Wall Mounted, Floor Standing and Ducted systems

How much does Air Conditioning cost to install?

Air Conditioning costs vary on each project due to room volumes that are required to be heated or cooled.

Does Air Conditioning spread germs and illness?

It’s a common misconception that Air Conditioning contributes to the spreading of illness within rooms but a well maintained system with clean filters actually helps limit the spread and helps people with respiratory problems as it lowers the humidity within the air

How often do you have to log and service your Air Conditioning?

Every 12months to comply with F-Gas regulations

Is Air Conditioning more expensive to run than a traditional heating system?

No, Air Conditioning is approximately 50% cheaper to run over a wet heating system

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