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One of the key elements of an office design, refurbishment or relocation project is the space planning. Think of your office and its internal structure like a skeleton. If one element is out of place or missing the whole structure fails to work effectively.

Getting these relevant spatial aspects and relationships between spaces and departments can mean success or failure of an office design.

The initial stage of the business interior office design process is to establish key elements that make up your company structure. Headcount and expansion numbers, meeting room size and frequency of use, storage and filing, reception size, specialist functional areas, training rooms and other built spaces all have a bearing on how the space planning aspect can proceed.

We can tailor the space planning process to determine several outcomes including:

  • Moving premises.
  • Expanding or shrinking headcount.
  • Taking additional space.
  • Wanting to release space for sub-letting.
  • Implementing new 3rd space areas and informal ad-hoc meet/work areas.
  • Increased & improved meeting rooms.
  • Improved reception areas.
  • New & existing building evaluation.
  • Or just rearranging within an existing space.

Several business interior space planning options can be produced giving different alternatives for discussion. It is at this stage the full extent of the building potential is explored. These space planning options are a quick route to finding the most suitable solutions your business.

Running concurrently with the business interior space planning, we will be thinking about products, finishes and the all-important budget. Once the space plans have been approved the office design aspects can be fleshed out.

A visually interesting business interior can include modern elements and furniture along with aesthetically interesting finishes, colours, feature elements. These can all enhance both new and existing spaces. In todays shifting employment market, staff are looking for interesting as well-equipped designed spaces. This approach as been proven to retain key staff and a newly designed office environment can help invigorate otherwise jaded workers.

Along with the business interior space plans we can offer in design the aid of photo realistic visuals, finish samples and possible showroom visits. Using computer generated photo realistic renders helps the office design decision making process, becoming an essential tool working alongside the space plan options to communicate the office design effectively. Different finishes and colours can be reasonably quickly looked at to help confirm or rule out certain office design directions.

Frequently asked questions

What can a new business interior give a business?

A new business interior fit out can not only improve work flow and efficiency but create a motivational workspace for your employees.

Does a business interior require Building regulations?

Depending on the size or whether its an addition to existing office space will determine whether this is required.  Western Industrial will advise on what is required at the initial idea stage of the process

How long does an office fit out take?

A typical business interior fit out can range between 3-12 depending on the size of the project

How much of an office fit out can you do?

At Western Industrial we can take care of your business interior from initial idea right through to completion – planning – construction – office furniture

Do you have Business Interior ideas?

Take a look at our projects completed pages for different ideas of what can be achieved

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