In today’s climate, we are all looking to try and save wherever possible!  This is where the temperature control system “Tado°” comes in.

Tado° was launched in the UK last year, and is becoming increasingly popular due to its money saving potential (an average of 27% saved on bills). It’s amazing modern technology boasts completely automatic thermostat control, combined with GPS tracking to determine when you’ll be getting home.  This means no more unnecessarily heating the house, or arriving home early to a freezing cold house!

Tado° is compatible with almost all manufacturers and systems in your house, with its own heating system and even works in an apartment with gas central heating.  We have partnered with M&E Contrax to offer a free check over the phone to ensure your heating system is compatible before they supply and install your kit.

What does Tado° do? 

It adapts to you – Depending on whether you’re at home or on the move, Tado° makes sure you’re living in comfort or saving money. But Tado° also ensures you’re only consuming the amount of energy that’s necessary. This means for example, that your home isn’t heated while you’re not there, but you always come back to a warm home.

It adapts to your home – Tado° quickly learns to respond to the particular heating properties of your home which are influenced by factors such as its insulation and window surface areas. This allows it to reach the desired temperature even more efficiently.

It adapts to the weather – Tado° checks the weather forecast online so sunny days and very cold nights affect how it heats. If the forecast promises sunshine then Tado° turns down the heating in plenty of time and lets the sun warm up your home. This saves you energy costs and prevents your home from overheating.

How does Tado° work? 

The Connector Kit – Connects your heating with the internet. The box is connected to the heating system or replaces a wall thermostat.

The App – You can always see the temperature at home and change all of the settings.

Geolocation – With the help of the Tado° app on the resident’s smartphone, Tado° detects how far you are away from home and sets the temperature accordingly. The further away you are, the lower the temperature will be.

Tado° uses automatic temperature – Depending on how far the residents are away from home Tado° lowers the temperature accordingly. As soon as one resident approaches the home, it will heat up.

M&E Contrax are now approved suppliers and installers of Tado°, and believe this Wi-Fi ‘smart thermostat’ is the future! They are currently offering a price of £290 Inc. VAT* to supply and install your Tado° heating kit.  For more information call David on 01364 654271.


*Price is subject to site survey. We reserve the right to change the price without notice

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage