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We can provide and install full data cabling and networking solutions, including data cabinets, sockets, cables and most IT infrastructure. We are also able to supply and install your telecommunication system, should you require.

Our consultation, product supply and installation service ensures that we offer a cost effective solution for your business. We use all the latest products and techniques and all of our electrical engineers are Domestic and Commercial NIC accredited for complete peace of mind.

We can visit you on site to discuss your data cabling requirements, show you sample products and supply you with copies of the drawings, to ensure you feel comfortable with what has been discussed. An estimate will be presented to you before any data cabling work is undertaken.

IT infrastructure is a critical part too any business and its important to ensure your network is reliable and the fundamentals are right.  Data cabling is the best way to make sure you have a reliable connection and speed within your building whether that be for Wifi hotspots or simply connected a PC to your server.

A well installed data network can also be used to run your office phone system by using an IP based system.  It will also help with any ongoing expansion and set up of additional IT equipment to your network.  Wireless networks aren’t always reliable so data cabling is normally a preferred method of connection by any IT management company to manage your IT needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is data cabling used for?

Data cabling is used to connection central or localised IT equipment like printers, servers, PC’s, CNC machines together reliably

What cable is used for data cabling?

There are many different standards of cable which vary based on the data they can transfer.  For most CAT5e and CAT6 are adequate and most commonly installed

What type of cabling do I need for my office phones?

Most office phones are now IP so will run over a standard data network with no special modifications or adaptors required

What is structured Data Cabling?

Structured Data Cabling is an organised approach to a data cabling infrastructure making it easy to find and manage the IT network

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