Eco Electrical Products

Every business is looking to save money and reduce its operating expenditure. We offer a Voltage Optimisation service to reduce your overall power consumption for your business, Boiler Management to reduce energy costs, Solar Panel installation and LED Lighting, all designed to reduce your utility bills.

Our consultation, product supply and installation service ensures that we offer a cost effective solution for your business. We are constantly looking at new products to ensure we can offer you the very best, cost saving solutions. And, all of our electrical engineers are Domestic and Commercial NIC accredited for complete peace of mind.

Using the latest Eco Products we can provide long manufactures warranties, so although sometimes they are more expensive they substantially outlast their less efficient alternatives as well as saving you money on your energy costs.  LED Lighting is a prime example as the light output losses over time is significantly less than an equivalent fitting.

Solar Panels and new generation HVAC systems are also great additions.

We can visit you on site to discuss your requirements, show you sample ECO Electrical products and supply you with drawings if required, to ensure you feel comfortable with what has been discussed. And rest assured, you will receive an estimate for the work to be undertaken, before any work is carried out.

Our fitting services include:

  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar PV
  • Electric Car Charging
  • Presence detection
  • Timers

Frequently asked questions

What is most energy efficient lighting?

Depending on application LED lighting is now a very efficient way of lighting areas and very reliable.

Can I install an Electric Car Charging points?

Yes, Western Industrial can install car charging points as we are approved ROLEC installers.

Are Solar PV panels efficient?

Panels over the last 5years have increased from 15 to 20% along with the outputs of the panel increasing

What is a Voltage Regulator?

Voltage Regulators generates a fixed voltage set under the incoming overvoltage most buildings receive.  This is proven to reduce energy usage without impacting on the output of devices.

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