Whether you are 5, or 65, you can find enjoyment in Bubble Wrap! A recent survey conducted on adults showed that popping bubble wrap is certainly something the “Big kid” in them still enjoys.

Bubble Wrap was accidentally invented in the late 1950’s, when the inventors where actually trying to make textured wallpaper! Unfortunately, their textured wallpaper never took off, but little did they know they had created a revolutionary parcel-stuffing medium! (Not to mention the fun-filled popping sensation!)

What other uses does Bubble Wrap have?

The most common use for bubble wrap is to protect items in transit. If you have bought something fragile online, it will have more than likely been caked in bubble wrap! Another less well-known use is to place a sheet of bubble wrap on the windscreen of your car to protect it from freezing over in the winter! (You’re welcome!) For the keen gardener or labourer, you can create some makeshift kneepads, using bubble wrap and duct tape to stop your knees from getting sore from excessive amounts of gardening!

It’s quite clear that there are so many diverse, creative uses for bubble wrap!  We have listed a few of our favourites here to help ignite your imagination![pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion1″ number=”1″ heading=”Clever uses for Bubble Wrap!” open=”no”]1. Insulate Drafty Windows. Here’s any easy fix for keeping your home warm and your energy bill down this winter: use bubble wrap! Spray some water onto the window and stick the bubble wrap, flat side facing you, on it. It’s an especially good trick for windows where you love the natural light, but also want your privacy.

2. Protect Walls. Do you have a door that hits a wall when it’s opened? Protect the wall from damage by putting a little bubble wrap where the handle hits it.

3. Protect Your Car Windscreen in the Winter. When the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, the last thing you want to do in the morning is get all that snow and frost off your windscreen. With a little bubble wrap in place before a winter storm, though, you won’t have to worry — not only will it insulate the windscreen and prevent frost from forming, but it’ll also make snow removal a cinch.

4. Hold the Shape of Handbags and Purses. If you’re not using a bag regularly, its shape can begin to sag. Keep it upright by lining the inside with bubble wrap.

5. Use as Sleeping Bag Padding. I love camping, until it comes time to actually sleep — the hard ground is no match for a comfy bed. No need to run out and buy pricy pads — just save up some bubble wrap to place under your sleeping bag the next time you’re out in nature.

6. Protect Plants. Winter’s coming, and some of your outdoor container plants probably need some protection from the frost. Easily accomplish that by wrapping the container with bubble wrap and using string or tape to hold it in place. The soil will be warm all winter long!

7. Take on Shopping Trips and Holidays. If you love collecting delicate, breakable objects, bringing bubble wrap with you is a great way to securely bring your treasures home. You can’t be certain a seller will have any, after all. Bringing it along on holiday is a great idea, too, because nobody wants a snow globe to break in their luggage!

8. Protect Delicate Produce. Peaches, pears, tomatoes and other delicate produce need not go to waste. Line your fruit bowl/crisper with bubble wrap to cushion them.

9. Keep Groceries Cold. Long trip home and don’t want the ice cream to melt? Line your reusable grocery bag with bubble wrap to insulate your food.

10. Keep Your Drink Cold or Warm in the car. Line your car’s cup holder with bubble wrap to keep your drink insulated.

Information taken from Care2: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/uses-for-bubble-wrap.html#ixzz39npgjsMq[/pl_accordioncontent]

Fun ways to enjoy Bubble Wrap!

  1. Virtual Bubble Wrap – There are several different game websites that have bubble wrap games (convenient for us bubble wrap addicts!). The aim of the game is usually to pop as many bubbles as you can within a certain time limit!
  2. Volley Bubbleball – This is a game of volleyball, but instead of using a traditional volleyball, you use a ball made of bubble wrap instead. Get a large sheet or roll of bubble wrap and form it into the shape of a ball. Seal the round shape using a tough, sturdy duct tape. Practicing volleying back and forth and then try spiking the ball. If spiked hard enough, you may hear a few pops!
  3. Bubble Wrap Twister – This is the same classic game of Twister, but you put a sheet of bubble wrap underneath the Twister mat to make the game more interesting, not to mention noisy! You may want to tape down the bubble wrap sheet for safety purposes.

Now we have you inspired, and your desire to pop bubble wrap is greater than ever, it’s time to load up on supplies!

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Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage