Fire Alarm Installation & Servicing

It’s important for you to understand the fire safety requirements for your business. We can ensure that our property is compliant and even offer Fire Safety Training to your staff.

We can visit you on site to discuss aspects such as your fire alarm system, extinguishers, plan of action, fire doors, emergency exits and lighting, sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide monitoring and more.

We are able to supply new equipment and install it should you need it. Please call a member of our team for advice. For complete reassurance we will provide you with an estimate before any work is undertaken.

Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Systems

A addressable fire alarm system is intelligent allowing the building not to be divided in to zones but to transmit a signal directly back to the control panel.   This type of system enables users to quickly and precisely identify the area of the alarm and is suited to multi roomed premises or/and large buildings.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarms are very good value for money and are commonly used to provide fire protection to your building.  They are very effective and an efficient way of alerting you there is a fire.  This system unlike an addressable relies on zones being designated throughout the building to point you in the general area a fire is present.  When the panel is activated the main panel will show with zone of the building is affected.

Wireless Systems

Sometimes cabling a system in to an existing property can provide its own challenges so we can offer a wireless solution.  Accessories are powered by local batteries and relay back to the panel.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

We offer flexible contract maintenance packages to ensure the systems are working correctly and meeting compliance of the safety and fire prevention laws.  This will also make sure that

Fire Alarm Monitoring

As well as maintenance we can take care of monitoring your fire alarm through a monitoring station.  We can discuss the levels of monitoring with you to choose the most suitable for your building.

Western Industrial also offer fire extinguishers and can be supplied and installed at the same time along with your ongoing maintenance of the systems.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Fire Alarm system?

A Fire Alarm System is an automictic detection system that allows occupiers there is a fire within the building and to evactuate

What type of Fire Alarm do I need?

Many factors determine this but the main one is how and what the building is being used for

How many different categories of Fire Alarm are there?

There are five main categories for commercial premises L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 Fire Alarm Systems

Is an IEE certificate a legal requirement?

The IEE Wiring Regulations state that every electrical system must be tested before use and have an electrical safety certificate issued.

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