Most fires can be prevented by taking some basic precautions. Statistics show that in 2012 – 2013 fire and rescue services attended 154,000 fires in the UK. The effects of a fire can be devastating, whether at home or at work.

That’s why the Doncaster Deaf Trust came up with ‘Deafgard’, the vibrating pillow. An innovative product funded by local charities and trusts in the area, aiding the hard of hearing to know when their fire alarm is sounding.

There are several cases of pet animals that have acted as ‘fire alarms’. For instance – An American chicken (by the name of Cluck Cluck!), once woke her owners up by clucking so loudly from her cage situated two floors below, it woke them up and saved them from a potentially fatal house fire!
A Chinese snake, adopted into a family home. Whipped him with his tail until he woke up, alerting him that an electric blanket had in fact caught on fire.
An adopted 3 year old Pitbull, Malaki. Pestered, barked, and whined at his owners until, like the others, they woke up, only to realise their whole living room was engulfed in flames. Malaki didn’t stop there, he didn’t leave the house until he had escorted both his owners out of the burning house.

On a more mundane level, Western Industrial offer a range of fire safety and prevention products.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage