Whether we like it or not – Winter is here! The Coca-Cola and the John Lewis advert was aired last week and therefore, the countdown to Christmas begins. But are you prepared?

According to statistics – in the winter of 2012/2013 there were over 7,000 hospital admissions due to people slipping over on the ice and snow.

How does Grit Salt work?

Adding salt to ice and snow reduces the freezing point of water. Therefore speeding up the ‘melting’ process. Although adding salt doesn’t actually melt the ice, it allows water to exist as liquid near its freezing point, rather than turning into a solid (ice).

Stay upright this winter!

Grit Bins – Not only is it embarrassing to fall over in public, but it can be dangerous too! Having a Grit Bin on your premises can be extremely useful, shovel the grit salt outside your business entrances and save your employees and customers from tumbling over at work! (I’m sure delivery drivers will appreciate this too).

Grit Spreaders – These are ideal if you need to de-ice a larger area, saving you the time of manually shovelling grit onto walkways.

Winter Shovels – These can be used to shovel grit onto walkways, or to shovel snow out of the way!

Torches – With cold weather, we see darker and shorter days. If you’re shovelling grit salt down your walkways, first thing in the morning or in the evening, then take a torch!

Winter has the tendency to make some of us feel a bit down in the dumps with daylight lasting around 8 hours, cold weather and rainy days. But to cheer you up – Western Industrial Products have reduced their prices on winter products! So head over to their website and make sure you’re prepared for the snow and ice!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage