In less than a year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have received over 300 complaints about ridiculous health and safety precautions being imposed by officials.

It has been reported that senior staff at the Health and Safety Executive are appalled by the number of comical “health and safety rules” that the public have been subjected too.

The most absurd ‘health and safety’ orders –

  1. The Cruft’s show in Keswick, Cumbria, banned contests in which dogs caught Frisbees, in case any of the animals were injured
  2. A boy in Cardiff was banned from going on a bouncy castle wearing glasses, despite his plea that he couldn’t see without them
  3. In a Bedfordshire café, a member of staff refused to put strawberry sauce on an ice cream because of ‘health and safety’
  4. Donkey rides have been banned on beaches in case they injure sunbathers
  5. Some London schools told parents not to put sun cream on their children’s arms, because of ‘health and safety’
  6. Bosses in an office is Aldershot instructed employees who worked behind desks, to buy special summer footwear with enclosed toes and supported backs
  7. One employer in Surrey banned an employee from wearing sunglasses while working on reflective glass roofs, despite a doctor’s note saying he needed to wear them because of an eye condition
  8. A school banned the cricket club from using a mechanical roller on the cricket pitch out of school hours
  9. A school in Merseyside banned the common leather ball, and enforced the use of sponge balls when playing football
  10. A school in Tyne and Wear have banned the Three legged sack race at sports day, in the fear the children may fall over

Mark Harper, a minister for the public health and safety released this statement “Real health and safety laws exist to protect Britain’s workers, and not to be used as a smokescreen by jobsworths who have little knowledge of the law”.

So why has Health and Safety gone a little OTT?

When I look at reasons why health and safety has gone a little crazy, one reason repeatedly cropped up. It’s because of organisations, schools, cafes / restaurants and many other businesses coming up with ridiculous ‘health and safety rules’ to cover themselves, should anything happen to you causing an injury and the threat of legal action.

Health and safety exists for many reasons, but essentially it’s there to stop people from being killed or getting injured. After reading these absurd ‘health and safety regulations’, the HSE have said they’re myths. And they’re becoming increasingly concerned that with the lack of actual health and safety knowledge, the HSE will get a bad reputation, and people will start ignoring health and safety laws.

If you think your workplace is becoming a health and safety hell, have a look at the HSE website, and familiarise yourself and your colleagues with what you should be doing to comply with health and safety regulations.
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Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage