A mezzanine floor or freestanding mezzanine is often the most cost effective solution for creating usable, additional floor space for your business premises.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?
A mezzanine floor is a smaller floor located between the main floors of a building. The floor may come out of one side of the building and only extend a certain way across, meaning that it doesn’t cover the full area of the building and therefore isn’t considered one of the main floors.

What are the benefits of a Mezzanine Floor?
The main benefit of a mezzanine floor is to create a substantial amount of extra space without conducting any serious construction work on the building itself. A brand new floor of virtually any size can be integrated into the existing building or assembled as a free-standing unit and is cost effective.

One of the most popular uses for mezzanine floors is as extra storage. A simple metal structure with a solid floor and sufficient load bearing is enough to create considerable extra storage space for boxes, packages, equipment and pallets.

Office Space
A mezzanine floor can include all of the features of a normal floor, including electrical sockets, internet sockets, heating and lights. This can allow you to create comfortable offices without having to move to larger premises.

If you want to increase your production lines with more equipment or staff, you can move them to a mezzanine floor which is above an existing operations floor. This gives you the freedom of more space without cramping any existing working areas.

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Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage