Cable management is not going to be high priority for most people, but there are a few business benefits to keeping cables neat and tidy in the workplace. The most obvious advantage is aesthetic – no one can say that a rat’s nest of cables hanging off the back of every employee’s work area is attractive. An office with tidy desks and a minimalist feel will generally be seen by customers (and staff) as being an efficient working environment and portray a good image of the business.

Another advantage of good cable management is safety. A mass of cables bunched up behind desks can be a fire hazard through the generation of heat and the possibility of damage to cables leading to short circuits. Sometimes you see power cables wrapped up in a tight coil which is bad practice as it can generate heat and lead to fires. In the case of aerial and Ethernet cables, if it is too tightly coiled it can affect the signal. On the other hand, if the cable trails along the floor it can be damaged by getting trapped or run over by the wheels of an office chair. Trailing cables are also a major trip hazard. So here are a few suggestions to help improve the cable management in your office or workplace:

Cable Ties

You can buy cable ties in packs which are; great value, long lasting, weather resistant, easy to use and are an adequate solution to most cable management issues.

Binder or Cord Clips

Usually plastic or sometimes metal, these simply bind several cables together allowing you to unclip and add new cables at your leisure. You can get clips that will fasten to a wall – the nail or screw types will usually last longer than the stick on type.

Homemade ‘solutions’

You can sometimes get away with using rubber bands as a short term fix – the trouble is that they tend to snap if near somewhere warm. Insulating tape is another low cost idea, but once applied it is usually difficult to remove the sticky mess from the cable, which will become a magnet for dust. You can also use twist ties (like you get with a new computer or electrical device) – they are not particularly strong and do look a bit cheap n cheerful.

Indoor Cable Protectors

If you have trailing wires or cables on any floor area that people will walk on, then it is essential to use an office cable protector or routing strip. Usually made of rubber these have a channel which houses the cable and gently sloping edges so that people won’t trip on them and allowing easy passage of tea trolleys or office trucks.

Outdoor Cable Protectors

If you have an outdoor area like a car park, private road or driveway where there is pedestrian or vehicle traffic, then you will need to use an external cable protector. We have one of the best ranges of outdoor cable protectors ranging from pedestrian, temporary and heavy duty cable covers.

The Western Industrial Group has a wide collection of cable management products including covers, ties, cable protectors, routing strips and outdoor cable speed ramps – take a look at our range here!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage