Chemical absorbents should be a necessity when working in close contact with hazardous fluids. There are many different types, but generally their purpose is to catch the leaks and spills of hazardous fluids.

Chemical Absorbent Socks

Spills happen. They’re an unfortunate but inevitable part of industrial work. When they happen, you may find yourself tempted to clean them up with a mop, rag, kitchen roll, or anything else you’ve got to hand. While this is fine for working with most fluids, it’s a potentially deadly idea when you’re working with chemicals.

The Chemical Absorbent Sock can be easily placed around the spill’s perimeter to prevent it from going any farther. Our Chemical Absorbent Socks are made of highly-effective chemical absorbents, and will contain up to 4 litres of liquid each.

Having absorbent materials on hand is always important, this way you’ll be able to respond quickly in any incident involving hazardous fluids such as oil or other chemicals. A simple and effective way to save time and money required to counteract unwanted spillages – and they last ages! For more information on how to stay safe against hazardous fluids, have a look at COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).

Make sure you’re ready to respond to chemical spills today! Have a look at Western Industrial Products to keep you and your colleagues safe from hazardous fluids.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage