Lighting Installation & Servicing


The fundamental infrastructure for any building is light and power.  Whether you are looking for energy saving solutions, mood lighting, safety lighting we’ll have a lighting solution to suit your needs.  For power, we will assess the most suitable requirements for your business.

Our consultation, product supply and installation service ensures that we offer a cost effective solution for your business.  We use all the latest products and techniques and all of our electrical engineers are Domestic and Commercial NIC accredited for complete peace of mind.

We can visit you on site to discuss your requirements, show you sample products and supply you with copies of the drawings, to ensure you feel comfortable with what has been discussed.  An estimate will be presented to you before any work is undertaken.

Western Industrial design and install lighting schemes for many different industries inhouse

  • Office Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Retail Lighting
  • External Lighting
  • Carpark Lighting
  • Residential Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is installed as a requirement in any public accessed buildings and multi occupancy residential dwellings.  British Standard BS 5266-1 gives us clear guidelines as to which areas require and the design requirements of such installations.

The main purpose of emergency lighting is to provide sufficient illumination to in event of sudden darkness during a power outage or emergency situation to safely evacuate the building.

Frequently asked questions

How efficient is LED lighting?

Depending on the application LED lighting can be up to 84% more efficient and environmentally friendly

What is emergency lighting?

Lighting that automatically comes on in the event of a power failure to the building or lighting supplies within the building.  This is to light a safe passage out of the building.

How often should my emergency lighting be tested?

Every 12months by a qualified engineer but monthly by an employer and logged that’s its working

How long does LED lighting last over traditional lighting?

LED lighting will out service traditional lighting installations by at least 2x with a lot less loss of light output over the same period

Is LED lighting able to reduce our CO2 impact?

Yes, not only will it save you money on your bills it also helps save the environment over traditional lighting form the moment its made right to it being recycled at the end of its serviceable life

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