It’s amazing how quickly workplaces can fill up with clutter. Even the best designed working spaces can quickly descend into chaos within what seems like a matter of minutes. If you’re going to stand a chance of keeping your work area in order, it’s really important that you think carefully about storage. Most work areas are already kitted out with drawers, cabinets, desks and shelves, but what about lockers? People automatically think of lockers only being suitable for schools or leisure centres, but they can be really handy in the workplace too.

Keep your main working area free of clutter –

Lockers can provide your employees with a convenient and secure place to store their bags, coats and other personal items. In turn, this makes it much easier for you to keep your main working area tidy. If you can, place your lockers in a commonly used communal area. For example, you may want to position them in your staff room or just by the entrance to your working area. You might be surprised by how much of a difference lockers can make to your workplace environment!

Keep your personal belongings safe!

No one wants to think that their colleagues could be thieves, but if no one is around and someone’s purse is hanging out of their bag, for some people the opportunity could be too tempting! Having a safe storage area for your employee’s belongings is a must, especially if you’re in a situation where you can’t supervise your personal belongings all day.

People often shun the idea of lockers, because they think it won’t suit their work environment or fit in with the colour scheme. But Western Industrial Products have a huge range of lockers to suit any workplace. Different colours, shapes, sizes, metal, plastic or mesh, so why not get in touch today on 01364 651860 or visit their website.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage