When working in hazardous environments such as warehouses, construction sites or factories, you will likely need some form of personal protective equipment (PPE) in place.  PPE refers to clothing, head wear, eye wear or other protective garments that you need to use, for your safety to be ensured.

People that have worked in industrial environments for years might often be reluctant to wear safety clothing – items such as High-Visibility Jackets, Gloves, Goggles and Hard Hats. This is usually because they have worked in their industry for years, they know what they’re doing and have never encountered incidents where they have needed safety clothing before.

Case study –

A 61 year old worker suffered a severe brain and spinal injury after a 14ft fixed box pillar he was removing, fell on his head. He wasn’t wearing a hard hat. The worker was in hospital for 6 months and is now permanently disabled. Because of this, he is now unable to work and requires full time care due to the severity of his head injuries.

Because it was the employer’s responsibility to provide their workers with safety workwear, they were fined £14,000 and ordered to pay nearly £7,000 in prosecution fees.

If he’d been wearing a hard hat, the damage he would have suffered would have been far less severe and it is likely that he would still be at work today.

*Information taken from Health and Safety Executive.

What type of safety clothing should I be wearing?

The type of clothing you wear is dependent on what job role you have, but the most common safety workwear is –

  • High Visibility – Safety Vest: The fluorescent yellow colour makes the wearer stand out from the background – Safety Trousers: Can be worn on top of your trousers – Safety Jacket: Reflective strips over the body, shoulders and sleeves
  • Ear Defenders – Over the head design is ideal for use with hard hats
  • Hard Hats – High density, suspension harness, with a foam sweatband would be ideal
  • Safety Goggles – Should have direct vent goggles to help prevent misting and should be designed to restrict influx of dust and liquids
  • Work Gloves – Ideally should be made from mixed fibres and latex dipping, to improve gripping

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Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage