A New Angle on Security!

If like most businesses you want to imply safety and security to yourselves, employees and customers, you might be wondering how you can do this without installing a high maintenance and slightly intimidating CCTV camera.

Security mirrors can be used in a number of different ways, creating a safer environment for you and your customers, and giving you the ability to monitor the goings on in your premises without making any of your customers / visitors feel uncomfortable.

How do security mirrors work?

Security mirrors work like CCTV cameras, but they are much less expensive. They don’t need any maintenance or power supply and are much more subtle. Security mirrors come in all shapes and sizes for shops, warehouses, driveways, security checkpoints and other places where you need an inexpensive “eye in the sky”.

What kinds of security mirrors can I get?

  1. Safety Mirrors – These mirrors are designed so you can see all activity in the blind spots behind shelves, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on any suspicious looking customers without offending anyone! Ideal for combating theft of property and valuables. Ideal for indoor use.


  1. Hemispherical Mirrors – This mirror suits retail and industrial use. 90° and 180° mirrors allow vision from virtually every angle and are ideal for ceiling fittings. They are commonly used in car parks and security check points and are sometimes fitted with a CCTV camera inside them!


  1. Circular Traffic Mirrors with Reflective Edges – These mirrors help reduce accidents and injuries by eliminating blind spots. These convex traffic mirrors which are ideal for outdoor use.


  1. Anti-Ligature Mirrors – These mirrors are specifically designed for use in prisons and secure units where security to both staff and prisoner / patient are critical. Virtually indestructible, cannot be burnt and more resistant to scratching.


  1. Indoor Mirrors – These mirrors reduce accidents and injuries by eliminating blind spots. Convex mirrors are ideal for indoor use and are a great addition to any premises to give added security for minimal cost.


Security mirrors are becoming increasingly popular because they are inexpensive, highly effective and have a long working life.

Here are some interesting facts about mirrors!

  1. Back in the 1980’s shops used to bend the mirrors in the changing rooms slightly just so it made people look thinner, so they got more sales!
  2. Mirrors bend so that the light refracts from the surface bouncing it back to make a different image!
  3. The first form of a mirror was invented in ancient times. It was actually a small pool of water filled with a dark coloured container. Think if this concept as looking into a fountain as you walk by and see your reflection. Believe it or not, you are using the world’s first version of a mirror!
  4. In the olden days, mirrors were put on the bottom of baths, yes, to see how dirty your bottom really was!
  5. Mirrors can be affected by sound and can break if you hit the right pitch for long enough!
  6. The belief that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck originates from Roman times when the Romans believed that breaking an old mirror you also break your soul! Today this is still a common belief amongst most individuals.

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