Trips and slips are one of the most common cause of injury at work, whether you work in an office, warehouse, restaurant or hospital. HSE statistics show that in 2012/2013 slips and trips combined, made up for more than half of all reported injuries. Follow these steps to prevent accidents in your workplace –

  1. Prevent floors from getting wet or untidy in the first place
  2. If a spillage does happen, place a wet floor sign immediately
  3. Look out for trip hazards, such as cables, uneven floors, and maintain good housekeeping by all staff
  4. Invest in cable protectors, to keep all stray cables neat and visible
  5. Make sure staff wear suitable footwear and clothing, depending on your working environment
  6. If your floors are prone to getting wet or slippy, invest in anti-slip and safety matting to prevent accidents
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Accidents at work are inevitable, but do your bit by providing your work environment with these safety measures! Western Industrial have thousands of products to help you along the way.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage