Signage – it’s everywhere! Used for everything from safety applications right through to directional instructions. But why are signs so important?

Generally, signs are used to inform, warn, promote health and safety for the public, and to make life a little bit easier for us all!

Depending on  your type of workplace, the sign requirements will differ, but here are a few examples of the most common workplace signs.

[tabs class=”yourcustomclass”] [tab title=”Fire Safety” active=”active”]wiknow-firesafety-signIt is a requirement that workplaces clearly label fire exits and fire routes, so that staff and visitors around your workplace can be directed out of the building via the safest route possible. Fire extinguishers are necessities that also need to be clearly marked, to show which fires that particular extinguisher can be used for; especially if you have more than one type of fire extinguisher on your premises![/tab] [tab title=”First Aid”]wiknow-firstaid-signsFirst aid signs are an essential life saving aid. If there is an injury, they direct and reassure the user to initially locate the first aid, and proceed to inform and instruct dedicated first aiders, or even non-first aiders, in the event of an emergency/injury to potentially help save a life.[/tab] [tab title=”Warning Signs”]wiknow-warning-signsWarning signs highlight potential dangers or hazards around the workplace and/or premises, and reinforce compliance with safety procedures. They will usually be a triangular shape, with a vivid yellow background and black pictogram, designed to stand out and draw attention![/tab] [tab title=”Prohibition”]wiknow-no-smoking-signsProhibition signs are designed to prevent taking dangerous actions that could endanger a person’s well being, such as a risk of fire or involuntary smoke inhalation. The most common prohibition signs are ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Entry’ signs.[/tab] [tab title=”Office”]wiknow-office-signsOffice signs tend to be more a matter of convenience than a safety requirement.  They are useful for visitors and new staff to prevent them from getting lost![/tab][/tabs] The quantity and applications for signs is endless, but if you feel your workplace is need of a little ‘direction’, then be sure to pop on over to Western Industrial Products for a wide choice of signs for all types of premises!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage