Cable management is likely not the highest priority for most businesses, but there are a many benefits to keeping cables neat and tidy in the workplace. Aside from the obvious aesthetical advantages, nobody can deny that an entangled mess of cables hanging off the back of every employee’s computer looks awful – not to mention becomes a huge job to untangle!

Good first impressions

An office with tidy desks and a minimalist feel will generally be seen by customers (and staff) as being an efficient working environment and portray a good image of the business.

Another key reason for good cable management relates to health and safety. A mass of cables bunched up behind desks can be a fire hazard through the generation of heat, and the possibility of damage to the cables and equipment leading to short circuits, or worse – a building fire! Sometimes you might see power cables wrapped up in a tight coil, which is bad practice, as this generates heat and leads to fires.

On the other hand, if your cables are trailing across the office floor, this then becomes a major tripping hazard!

So, what’s the solution?

Cable management is essential in any workplace or office, not only for the visual benefits for potential customers, but for you and your employee’s fire safety and tripping hazards.

Here are a few suggestions to help improve the cable management in your office or workplace –

  1. Floor cable protectors – If you have trailing wire or cable on any floor area that people walk on, then it is essential to use an office cable protector or routing strip. Usually made of rubber these have a channel which houses the cable and gently sloping edges so that people won’t trip on them and allowing easy passage of tea trolleys or office trucks.
  2. Cable Tidy Snake – This cable tidy can hold up to 6wires, they’re re-useable, can be trimmed to any size, and is a lot more pleasing to the eye than a load of tangled wires!
  3. Cable Ties – A quick, easy reusable and cheap solution to tidying the cables behind your computer screen. They are long lasting and even weather resistant (if you were using them outdoors).

Great! Where can I get my hands on some?

If you find yourself tripping over cables at work, or working in what appears to resemble a snake pit, you need to pop over to Western Industrial Products for the full range of cable ties, floor cable protectors, and cable mats – and reduce the risk once and for all of your staff tripping over!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage