For those of us who work in an office, there can be times when sitting at a desk all day is actually not as peaceful as you might think.

For the majority of us, we go to work, sit at our desks, complete our daily tasks and converse with our colleagues. Unfortunately, sometimes some of our colleagues have other ideas that could cause some tension in a busy office.

Here are 15 things that we think could cause some hostility between colleagues –

  1. Leaving dirty/used dishes in the sink or around the communal kitchen
  2. Eating smelly foods, particularly eggs
  3. Using speakerphone in an open plan office
  4. Whistling or singing for a long period of time
  5. Boasting about how busy they are
  6. Bad bathroom habits
  7. Not making the tea when it’s their turn
  8. Saying “Good afternoon”, because you’re 5 minutes late in the morning
  9. Ignoring a ringing phone
  10. Taking their shoes off and walking around the office in their socks
  11. Come to work ill enough to pass it on to others
  12. Organising pointless meetings
  13. Standing over your desk when you’re on the phone
  14. Noisy typers
  15. Noisy eaters

Working in an office isn’t all bad, you get to sit down for the majority of the day, you eat cake whenever it’s someone’s birthday, and you have access to endless tea and coffee to get you through the day.

If it’s your work environment that gets you down rather than your colleagues annoying habits, then take a look at our website to see if our range of office furniture and products can change that for you.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage