Do your employees drag themselves into work? Is laughter at work a vague memory? Your employees’ morale may need a boost. Workplace morale is a fundamental element to any place of work – whether that’s office based, on a shop floor or out on site.

In an ideal world, you and your employees would work hard at all times and work happily together – unfortunately it’s not always that easy. Keeping your workforce fulfilled is vital, not only to get work done more affectively, but to be able to work in a happier environment too! When you ask your employees to attend a meeting or complete a task, do they jump into action? Or do their eyes glaze over with the response “yeah, I’ll do it later”?

We’re only human, we all have our off days, but to help make this a rare occasion follow these simple steps –

Let your staff feel appreciated – No one wants to be in a job where they feel undervalued, and that they could be replaced at the drop of a hat. Show an interest in what they get up to outside of work, or introduce an ‘employee of the month’ scheme to make them feel valued.

Understand that the work environment can greatly affect employee morale – A dreary office lacking light and colour can cause a low mood and a lack of motivation. Brighten up the space with a fresh lick of paint, green plants, and tasteful artwork. If it is not possible to fix up the environment (a warehouse or factory), make sure you offer adequate breaks and a separate room where employees can relax, eat, and rest.

Encourage communication between employees and management – Doing so will allow employees to feel comfortable to voice their opinions and make suggestions to improve conditions and work practices.

Politeness – Simple, but is often forgotten. Saying thank you will help teamwork and help boost morale, no one likes doing a favour for a colleague without receiving a bit of appreciation in return.

Have fun outside of work! – People have very busy schedules and so it’s often hard to organise an activity outside of work. But, if planned correctly and well in advance, this is a really good way to boost morale. It gives your employees a chance to get to know each other if they work in different departments or work different shifts – helping teamwork, communication and creating a better atmosphere in the workplace.

The Western Industrial Group are big believers in looking after their team – recently enjoying an afternoon out, Karting in Exeter! Take a look at the pictures and video on our previous blog post.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage