Mezzanine floors are often the most efficient and economical way of creating usable additional floor space for your business premises. There are many different types of Mezzanine to suit specific requirements:-

Mezzanine Storage Floors – This option offers the most cost effective way to achieving added space within a storage area. They can be installed quickly and without making alterations to existing fixtures.

Mezzanine Production Floors Extra space for production can easily be achieved, these floors can be fire protected.

Mezzanine Retail Floors – Retail stores make use of wasted space by installing Public Access Mezzanines as a way of increasing their sales area.

Mezzanine Office Floors These are an ideal way of increasing office space over existing store or production areas.

Mezzanines can be built quicker than you’d expect. On average Western Industrial Business Interiors would be able to build 50square metres per day. By using Western Industrial Business Interiors to design and build a mezzanine floor, it is on average quicker and more economical than using a traditional architect or builder. When considering a mezzanine you should first check the wasted space above your head, if the space has more than 4.5m clear headroom, then a mezzanine floor is possible!

Building Regulations must always be applied for before starting your mezzanine build. Building Regulations often include the following checks –

  1. Structure
  2. Fire safety
  3. Protection from falling, collision and impact
  4. Ventilation

As part of the Western Industrial Business Interiors service, they can take care of the building regulations for you.

Western Industrial Business Interiors will often recommend that insulation, heating and cooling is installed for the ventilation of your mezzanine area. This does depend on your specific mezzanine and is optional.

LED lighting above and below mezzanines is now much more affordable and popular because of its environmentally friendly aspects. Less fittings are required, a brighter luminance from each bulb and a potential saving of up to 70% off your energy bills.

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 [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion1″ number=”1″ heading=”Frequently asked questions” open=”no”]Q. Do I require Building Regulations Approval?
A. Yes, and we can apply for this on your behalf.

Q. Is it possible to build over a congested workshop or store?
Yes, we will plan our installation around the site conditions, and always agree to an installation specification and cost, before work commences on site.

Q. Can you come to me to discuss my requirements?
Yes we are happy to arrange a site visit that suits you, whatever your location (within the UK mainland), free of charge.

Q. How quickly can I have a quote?
We usually try to give a rough quote to your specific requirements within 24 hours.

Q. Do I require planning permission?
Not usually, but you do need Building Regulations approval. We will let you know if planning permission is required.

Q. Can you work out of hours?
Yes, if this is required.

Q. When can we commence the installation?
Usually our lead time is 4 weeks from approval of our drawing and receipt of your order.

Q. Do you have a standard size of mezzanine?
No, every mezzanine is designed to specific requirements.

Q. Can people work on it?
Yes, often mezzanines are installed for extra offices or work areas.

Q. Can I put my heavy machinery on it?
Yes, if we have the details of your machines we can design around these.

Q. What is the floor made of?
There are many different types of floor material: High density particle board, steel chequer plate, open mesh flooring and plywood. The type of floor would be discussed and decided on before installation.

Q. What is a standard column grid?
Any column grid can be achieved but the most economical grid is approximately 4m x 3.5m.

Q. What is a standard height?
Generally most platforms are around 3m high, although we can design to any height.

Q. Can I have more than one platform level?
Yes, you can have up to three tier platforms.[/pl_accordioncontent]

Still unsure on whether you could benefit from a mezzanine floor? Speak to the experts for free, friendly advice. Call Kevin or Paul at Western Industrial Business Interiors on 01364 651860 today.

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage